Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft Inspections

JAG Aviation can take care of many of your required aircraft Inspections. From Annual and 100 Hour to Phase and Document inspections, our staff comprised of two I.A’s and multiple certified A&P Mechanics can get the job done. Contact our Maintenance Department for estimates and flat rates.

Additional Inspection services JAG provides are as follows:


Buying or selling an aircraft outside the United States?

JAG Aviation has extensive experience in the import and export of any aircraft. We work closely with a local DAR and can assist you with the necessary research involved, or provide you with all the required documentation needed to get your aircraft in or out of the country legally.

Ferry Permit

Need to relocate an aircraft in need of maintenance?  We can help you obtain a special flight permit (Ferry Permit) to get your aircraft moved to our facility to get the work done to make it airworthy again.


If your thinking of buying an aircraft, let our experienced technicians help you review the aircraft you are looking at and advise you along the way. For Turbine Aircraft undergoing major maintenance with the Large or OEM shops, we can help by overseeing the project to ensure accurate and fair completion of the project, often saving you thousands of dollars.

Mike Perez